A Guide to Disco Ayala – The Cave Club of Cuba

Yes, you read that right – a legit, fully decked out subterranean club in Trinidad. Disco Ayala is famously known as Trinidad’s ‘Disco in the Cave’ and features three bars and five dancefloors. The DJ has a platform high above the club for a real downtown London-like experience. Come 1 AM, performers walk through the crowd spinning fire and balancing on stilts. It is recommended to arrive early to avoid standing in long lineups. We left Casa Dalia y Zerqueda fairly early and made our way towards the cave. While en route, we stopped at a few street-side bars that serve up cocktails to the nights’ party-goers. Upon arriving at the entrance, it’s easy to question if anything is going on or if the place is even open. The music is certainly thumping, but because the cave is so far down into the ground, it’s completely insulated until you walk down further and further into the depths of the earth and eventually – you’ve arrived.

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