The Best Way to Book a Volunteer Experience Abroad

The Best Way to Book a Volunteer Experience Abroad

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COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT is having a direct socioeconomic impact on the community by diversifying, donating, or employing locals. Community Empowerment grows community leaders, is change leading, bold, and entrepreneurial.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP is protecting the environment for those after you by implementing conservation and sustainable practices. It is committing to the protection and responsible use of the surroundings for future enjoyment.

ECOLOGICAL CONNECTION is immersion and engagement with land, water, flora or fauna in the environment. This is disconnecting to reconnect all while being responsible and conscious of the impact that is being made.

CROSS-CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT is having a direct interaction with the culture you are visiting. You are learning from them, whether it be textile skills, about their history, or staying with a local family in a homestay. Cross-cultural engagement with another culture will have a lasting impact long after a trip.

Giving back in some way should be on everyone’s agenda who intends to make travel an important part of their life. At Eco Escape Travel, we promote the experiences, lodges, and volunteer activities that will have a positive impact on the environment, communities and economies of destinations – and nothing has a more positive impact than volunteering abroad with the right company, in the right circumstances.

GivingWay is a social impact tech company that provides volunteer experiences in nearly every continent on the planet. The company is solving the problem of overwhelming and deceiving options out there for people looking to make a difference – they eliminate the middlemen and placement agencies that often take advantage of travellers’ desire to do good while abroad. GivingWay is a for-profit company with a strong social agenda – think of it as an ethical Expedia for volunteer experiences. GivingWay puts global volunteer experiences at your fingertips, ready for you to research and choose your next volunteering adventure.

Experiences can be searched based on desired country, cause, and location, and causes include eco, animal, and people. Some experiences encompass more that one cause, others are specific to a targeted cause. Take Ecuador for example: upon a quick search, the user can find 15 experiences to choose from! GivingWay has no shortage of experiences worldwide, all offering something different than the other. Some include accommodation and meals, others only accommodation.

In addition to being a robust and user-friendly experience for finding your next volunteer experience, GivingWay also creates a volunteer community by allowing users to sign up, join discussions, provide input, and meet like-minded travellers who are keen to make a difference through travel. Upon joining the GivingWay community platform, we instantly saw connections being made and were invited to come volunteer at the Foundation of Water Organization in Kenya. We’ll put that on the list for when the day arrives we get the privilege to explore and write about ecotourism in Kenya.

If volunteering abroad is on your mind that’s great – your heart is in the right place and we want to help you find the right experience. GivingWay can be the connection you need to jumpstart the discovery of your next ethical experience abroad. Rest assured you’re using a moral company that is backed by a credible advisory board including people like the Editor at Large for National Geographic Travel Magazine, the founder of CouchSurfing, and many other experienced and trustworthy professionals.

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Author: Eco Escape Travel | Date: September 7, 2017

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