Gecko Villa – a farmer-owned, fully catered eco-villa in rural Thailand

Gecko Villa – a farmer-owned, fully catered eco-villa in rural Thailand


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COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT is having a direct socioeconomic impact on the community by diversifying, donating, or employing locals. Community Empowerment grows community leaders, is change leading, bold, and entrepreneurial.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP is protecting the environment for those after you by implementing conservation and sustainable practices. It is committing to the protection and responsible use of the surroundings for future enjoyment.

ECOLOGICAL CONNECTION is immersion and engagement with land, water, flora or fauna in the environment. This is disconnecting to reconnect all while being responsible and conscious of the impact that is being made.

CROSS-CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT is having a direct interaction with the culture you are visiting. You are learning from them, whether it be textile skills, about their history, or staying with a local family in a homestay. Cross-cultural engagement with another culture will have a lasting impact long after a trip.

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Gecko Villa in Udon Thani, Thailand is a luxury and sustainable countryside villa that is fully catered using locally sourced produce from their farm, provides a rural-luxury experience, and offers the opportunity to engage with the local school children, village, getting dirty on the farm, and helping out around the property in the sustainable and organic farming methods.

Accessible by bus or flight from most major cities in Thailand, Gecko Villa is an ecolodge located 25 minutes from the airport and welcomes guests in their three-bedroom fully catered villa. This welcoming family of six is attentive to detail, cooks fresh authentic Thai food for the guests, and encompass ethics around sustainable travel that align with all four of Eco Escape Travel’s pillars.

The Villa

Most private villa holidays in Thailand are self-catered but at Gecko Villa, they treat you to a full-catered experience for all meals of the day, included in the fee of the stay. Gecko Villa is set in over 60,000 sqm. of private grounds with a beautiful swimming pool, walled garden, fish ponds, and orchards where they grow a large variety of mango, banana, passion fruit and other plants including chillies, papaya, galangal, basil, lemongrass, herbs and more. And what’s better, is the meals prepared for you during your stay are all sourced from the local produce and grown in the most sustainable ways – our contributor for this post vouched for the culinary prepared at the villa which was all sourced locally creating “extremely fresh and tasty meals”.

The Experience

Gecko Villa in Thailand is unique in the experience it offers, and the way in which it successfully blends direct personal interaction with the local people and traditions and the privacy of a Thai villa rental. Established by a Thai rice farming family, it aims to preserve local culture, to promote meaningful engagement, and to provide training and employment to the local community where opportunities are very few and far between. The team is very welcoming, friendly and helpful and are always prepared to go the extra mile in ensuring that guests are well looked after and feel at home and according to the contributor of this post, the guestbook at the property reflects this.

Feel like getting your hands dirty? Join the family in some farming activities and practice true agro-tourism at its best. Enjoy living in this community and learning from them while relaxing in the comfort of your villa.

Not only does the family practice sustainable farming measures and engage guests with the community, but they also plant trees and have recently acquired a plot of land originally slated for the production of cash crops. They have planted more trees, protect the lands, and also help fund the local primary school that has now become a model around Thailand for its education in safeguarding indigenous traditions and practices. Guests are welcome to visit the school, and teachers love having guests as this allows the children to practice their English as well. Looking for some time without the kids? The lovely family who owns the villa will happily watch your kids while you go for a nice countryside walk or visit the village markets.

Gecko Villa in Udon Thani, Thailand has been recognized as an icon in sustainable tourism projects in Thailand and is worth a visit to make any Thailand vacation a truly unique and sustainable experience.

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Author: Eco Escape Travel | Date: December 19, 2017

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