Jicaro Island Ecolodge

Jicaro Island Ecolodge


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COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT is having a direct socioeconomic impact on the community by diversifying, donating, or employing locals. Community Empowerment grows community leaders, is change leading, bold, and entrepreneurial.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP is protecting the environment for those after you by implementing conservation and sustainable practices. It is committing to the protection and responsible use of the surroundings for future enjoyment.

ECOLOGICAL CONNECTION is immersion and engagement with land, water, flora or fauna in the environment. This is disconnecting to reconnect all while being responsible and conscious of the impact that is being made.

CROSS-CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT is having a direct interaction with the culture you are visiting. You are learning from them, whether it be textile skills, about their history, or staying with a local family in a homestay. Cross-cultural engagement with another culture will have a lasting impact long after a trip.

Serenity, fresh air, and fresh water – this is an island oasis surrounded by volcanoes set on the largest lake in Central America. Jicaro Island Ecolodge is an ecotourism destination in Nicaragua that offers private island getaways that not only have a positive impact on guests, but also on the locals and communities surrounding the island. Jicaro Island Ecolodge offers multi-day packages that connect guests with the cuisine, nature, wellness, and tranquillity that accompany such a pristine location.

The Lodge & Experience

Constructed from Rainforest Alliance certified lumber, the casitas at Jicaro Island Ecolodge are individual two story houses, with a king sized bed on the second floor and welcoming furniture and a hammock on the first, all overlooking beautiful Lake Nicaragua. The Casitas make the perfect spot to enjoy early morning coffee and late afternoon ‘sundowner’ delivery service, available upon request.

The culinary experience at Jicaro replicates the views and energy of the island itself – completely sourced from local ingredients. The chef at Jicaro prepares fresh meals daily (included with your stay) which guests can witness being created in the open design kitchen. Locally farmed chicken, beef, fruits, and vegetables, combined with the daily catch from Lake Nicaragua or the nearby Pacific Ocean, create a recipe for perfection on the private island.

Overlooking Lake Nicaragua and Mombacho Volcano, a purpose built yoga platform provides the opportunity to practice Bikram, Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga with Jicaro’s in-house yoga teacher. After an unforgettable yoga practice, take advantage of a spa experience in the lakeside open-air treatment rooms, equipped with Swedish, Shiatsu, or Hot Stone massage treatments.

Choose from many different activities such as horseback riding, canopy tours and ziplining, paddleboarding and kayaking, exploring the nearby colonial town of León, fishing on Lake Nicaragua, and cultural tours. Additionally, Jicaro offers a sustainability tour where guests can discover the work that goes into making this island sustainable. Learn how water is processed into drinking water, energy is created, food is sourced and more.


Jicaro Island Ecolodge is focused on two main initiatives centred around education and sustainable food – they have teamed up with Earth Equilibrium to develop a community-based outreach program that focuses on the support and implementation of educational projects that encourage sustainable community development. Through this, Jicaro supports Padre Nello School, which is located on the mainland shores of Lake Nicaragua, just a short distance from the Lodge. The school doesn’t have access to any form of commercial energy services so, through the implementation of a solar panel project, energy, and water filtration projects, they will provide the basic resources needed for the education of young Nicaraguan children. In addition to this, power outlets and a small network of lights will be extended to the community health centre. The project in total will facilitate classroom instruction and provide the resources needed for the medical professionals to operate vital equipment needed during medical exams. Furthermore, it will also provide around 600 people living in the community with clean drinking water so they no longer need to rely on expensive bottled water. In total, the program is funded exclusively through the generous donations of Jicaro guests.

Sustainability and community empowerment come first at Jicaro Ecolodge in Nicaragua – it started with the construction of the resort and continues in the communities and schools today. Sourced from FSC/Rainforest Alliance Certified wood, Jicaro was also constructed using reclaimed timber from trees blown down by hurricane Felix in 2007.

Water resources come from Lake Nicaragua, where the water is filtered for Jicaro’s guests to minimize the impact of plastic bottles. Water is then heated through solar panels for guest and kitchen use. Recycling, energy efficient lighting, and organic and biodegradable soaps are used daily – many of the sustainable practices have been adopted by the workers and passed on for their families and communities to implement. Jicaro takes advantage of fresh breezes by building their casitas with a cross ventilation and ceiling fan cooling effect so air conditioning is not needed. All this and more educates locals about sustainable practices that have a lasting effect on the surrounding communities.

Jicaro Island Ecolodge is an ecotourism experience in Nicaragua that practices all four of Eco Escape Travel’s Pillars. Jicaro will have a lasting impact on the surrounding communities and can be used as a model for other ecotourism experiences and ecolodges in Nicaragua.

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Author: Eco Escape Travel | Date: March 4, 2017

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