Explore Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort (in 360)

Explore Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort (in 360)

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COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT is having a direct socioeconomic impact on the community by diversifying, donating, or employing locals. Community Empowerment grows community leaders, is change leading, bold, and entrepreneurial.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP is protecting the environment for those after you by implementing conservation and sustainable practices. It is committing to the protection and responsible use of the surroundings for future enjoyment.

ECOLOGICAL CONNECTION is immersion and engagement with land, water, flora or fauna in the environment. This is disconnecting to reconnect all while being responsible and conscious of the impact that is being made.

CROSS-CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT is having a direct interaction with the culture you are visiting. You are learning from them, whether it be textile skills, about their history, or staying with a local family in a homestay. Cross-cultural engagement with another culture will have a lasting impact long after a trip.

Crushed corals form the cay which makes up Lady Elliot Island, located 80 KM north-east of Bundaberg between Fraser Island and Lady Musgrave Island in Australia. The local residents include manta rays, turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks and over 1,200 different species of marine life. This small but quaint island is one of the best diving and snorkelling spots on the Great Barrier Reef, and serves as a mecca for ocean explorers. Whether you’re a diver or snorkeller, there is much to see in this area’s year-round clear waters, boasting over 20 metres of visibility. In 2005, Lady Elliot was declared a ‘Green Zone’ (no take, fish or spear), improving the marine environment ‘from great to amazing’ and getting better as the years go on. The resort itself is committed to the environment and sustainability by operating on the “Four E’s Philosophy: To look after our Environment we need to be Efficient, Economically Sustainable and able to Educate effectively.”

Explore Lady Elliot Island in 360

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The Resort

Room styles range from two bedroom, four-person suites to four person cabins on the beach. All accommodation is bungalow style cabins, which aids in a natural and clean aesthetic. The small island is equipped with a beach volleyball court, beachfront café and bar, beachfront dining room, playground, pool, meeting space and other recreational amenities. However, the main attraction on Lady Elliot is the island and reef itself.


Two entry sites on the western side of Lady Elliot Island bring guests into Lighthouse and Coral Gardens, which have world-acclaimed snorkelling.


A PADI dive shop is located on the island and teaches courses as well as introductory dives. The waters surrounding Lady Elliot have some of the most marine biodiversity in the world – the quantity and size of the marine life around Lady Elliot is a testimony to the health and sustainability of these waters. For most of the year, giant manta rays, green, hawksbill and loggerhead turtles, and an abundance of incredible marine life are daily occurrences – this is probably why PADI names Lady Elliot Island as one of the ‘Top 5’ locations in the world to dive with manta rays. There are 20 incredible dive sites around the island that are easily accessible by boat.


Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is committed to the environment by implementing a number of sustainability practices. In the 1800s, the island was stripped of nearly all vegetation for mining of guano and bird poo. Since the new managing Director has taken over the leasehold in 2005, they have implemented a revegetation program, as well as the removal of weeds and pest species. After acquiring the island in 2005, the island Director achieved the highest level of protection from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) after flying in the Director/Chairman to prove to them the importance and viability of this marine ecosystem. Since then, the marine biodiversity has flourished and is now approaching levels of marine wildlife similar to before fishing and spearfishing were permitted in the area. Further collaborations with the GBRMPA and Queensland Parks and wildlife led to a ‘No Anchor Zone’ surrounding the island which further protects the reef quality. All this and more has led to Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort being awarded Advanced Eco Certification by Ecotourism Australia.

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort has transitioned to a solar-majority power based island, reducing diesel consumption from 500 to 200 litres per day. Plastic water bottles have been banned and a new wastewater treatment plant has been commissioned to reduce human impact on the environment. Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort explains, “The key themes that underpin our sustainable eco-tourism business are education and knowledge sharing, transition to renewable energy, good environmental management and steering the resort’s business, the island heritage and biodiversity values towards outcomes that we wish the next generation to inherit with climate change impacts looming as a major challenge in coming years.”

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Author: Eco Escape Travel | Date: March 14, 2017

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