How to travel to Cambodian Ecolodge, Tatai Riverfront Resort

How to travel to Cambodian Ecolodge, Tatai Riverfront Resort


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COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT is having a direct socioeconomic impact on the community by diversifying, donating, or employing locals. Community Empowerment grows community leaders, is change leading, bold, and entrepreneurial.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP is protecting the environment for those after you by implementing conservation and sustainable practices. It is committing to the protection and responsible use of the surroundings for future enjoyment.

ECOLOGICAL CONNECTION is immersion and engagement with land, water, flora or fauna in the environment. This is disconnecting to reconnect all while being responsible and conscious of the impact that is being made.

CROSS-CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT is having a direct interaction with the culture you are visiting. You are learning from them, whether it be textile skills, about their history, or staying with a local family in a homestay. Cross-cultural engagement with another culture will have a lasting impact long after a trip.

PC: Tatai Riverfront Resort
PC: Tatai Riverfront Resort

Located in southwestern Cambodia, Tatai Riverfront Resort is an ecolodge in Cambodia that is true to preserving the environment, empowering locals, and providing guests with an exceptional experience in a freshwater oasis. This eco-resort in Cambodia is surrounded by the Cardamom Mountains which are one of the largest and most unexplored regions in Southeast Asia – an area also known for its captivating river deltas. The food is fresh, the breeze is cool, and the air is pure. Jump in the river for your morning shower and wake up every morning to the sounds of the jungle.

The Concept

The concept at Tatai Riverfront Resort is “Environment and Culture Oriented,’ meaning that the lodge is constructed using local materials built by local people. Community Empowerment is practised by hiring only locals to work at the resort and sourcing their produce locally. Social, economic, and environmental responsibility are practised daily here from the moment you check-in. Tours are run by knowledgeable locals, food is cooked with local ingredients, and the surroundings are preserved for future enjoyment.


Tatai Riverfront Resort offers six affordable tours that venture down the river and into the jungle. Jump into nearby waterfalls, explore mangroves by kayak, learn from local farmers on nearby islands, trek into the jungle, or take a romantic sunset cruise down the river – these, in addition to reading a good book riverside, are just a few of the activities offered at this eco-lodge in Cambodia.


The traditional Cambodian style cabins are constructed with local timbers and perched riverfront for the best view and breeze. Each room has ensuite American style bathrooms with showers, beautifully constructed  using Cambodian wood, however the best part of these cabins is probably the private balconies overlooking the river.


The authentic culinary experience is elevated by house chef Master Chet. Fresh catch of the day is paired with local ingredients to provide the freshest and best Khmer cuisine Cambodia has to offer.

PC: Tatai Riverfront Lodge PC: Tatai Riverfront Lodge


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Author: Eco Escape Travel | Date: March 13, 2017

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