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WakaWaka solar chargers + lights

Access to power is a basic human right and essential to everyone’s life. WakaWaka is a company that is founded on this principal and built itself with the ethics of providing a solar product for a family in need or in crisis for every WakaWaka product purchased.


Education and communication provide higher opportunities for socio-economic development and access to power make these possible. The sun is the greatest natural resource known to man – it’s available everywhere, free, and sustainable.

The Cause

The solar revolution has capitalized on this abundant resource and it’s now affordable to produce. WakaWaka has provided nearly 300,000 solar lights and chargers in 59 countries through 300 projects around the world for families in crisis and/or living in areas with no access to the grid. This Dutch company has gone above and beyond with the creation of the WakaWaka Foundation, solarforsyria.org, and many other projects.


It doesn’t matter where you purchase your WakaWaka, you’ll find a ‘Share the Sun’ sticker on a loose leaflet in the packaging. The code consists of three letters and three numbers. Example: ABC123. On that sticker, you will find your personal Share the Sun Code, which you can fill in on www.waka-waka.com/give/, there you can choose one of the three projects. You can view all WakaWaka projects at http://waka-waka.com/impact/

When you enter their website from the US, Canada or Mexico, you can choose from three projects of the International Rescue Committee. When you enter our website from other countries there are also projects you can choose from, but they don’t have to be from the¬†International Rescue Committee.


Eco Escape Travel recognizes WakaWaka as one of the most sustainable products on the market. Use your purchasing power to give back to the community. Looking for a gift for a friend or loved one? Give them gift of a WakaWaka solar light or charger while also giving the gift of the sun to someone in need at the same time.

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