Cuba – easier to travel than you think, and light years away from ordinary. Possibly the most authentic country to travel in the Americas, Cuba is quickly growing as a popular travel destination and for good reason. Cuba has some of the best beaches around that are also easily accessible. The food scene in Cuba will surprise anyone who has heard otherwise (most negative opinions come from travellers who didn’t leave their all-inclusive resort). And the homestay system of ‘Casas Particulares’ makes it easy to find a comfy and private room (usually with air conditioning, hot and cold water, and a fridge).

Ecotourism in Cuba is growing as the country adapts to higher tourism arrivals, and as they progress into the modern world, diversity among employment will soon follow.

While in Cuba,  Eco Escape Travel stayed at an ecolodge in Viñales that offered budget and luxury options – you can find details about this in the Las Terrazas post below. The organic tobacco farms of Viñales offer a chance to explore one of the country’s main exports and smoke the best cigars around. (Even if you don’t like cigars!)

Eco Escape Travel identifies homestays as one of the most sustainable accommodation options while travelling. Homestays speak to Community Empowerment and Cross-Cultural Engagement in the best form, and Cuba is full of them.

If you have any ecotourism options in Cuba, let us know through our Community Contributions tool.