North America

North America


Ecotourism in North America can be found in the far north of Canada and Alaska, in the pristine coasts of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, the interior mountains and highlands of Canada and the United States, and everywhere in between. Canada and the U.S. are countries of vast landmass and the poster child of sustainable national park systems with the creation of Yellowstone in the U.S., followed by Banff National Park in Canada. Mexico is home to expansive desert, mountainous and tropical landmasses that span from the Pacific to the Caribbean coasts – within these are many ecotourism adventures that we’ll uncover in Latin America’s most colourful country. 

Ecolodges and eco experiences are found everywhere throughout these three countries, and Eco Escape Travel will do its best to uncover ecolodges in Canada, the United States and Mexico that fit within the four sustainable pillars.

If you have hidden gems of eco-experiences or lodges in North America, let us know through the Community Contribution tool.