South America + Antarctica

South America + Antarctica


Home of the Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos Islands, and the Andes, and the pristine and untouched Antarctica, South America + Antarctica are meccas of nature, biodiversity, and adventure. Ecotourism in South America is found below and on the surface of the sea, on volcano tops, and deep in the rainforest. Soft adventure and hard adventure experiences are found throughout this diverse continent. The Amazon Rainforest, otherwise known as the earth’s lungs, is a thriving oasis of diversity waiting to be explored. Eco-experiences and ecolodges in the Amazon Rainforest are plentiful, and Eco Escape Travel will explore these options.

Ecotourism in the Amazon Rainforest and throughout South America can be found in small homestays in the Andes, ecolodges in the middle of the jungle, coastal experiences and more. Some of these places are hard to find and offer a huge reward for going the extra mile to get there.
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