Tips for Safely Taking out Money Abroad

Tips for Safely Taking out Money Abroad

After learning this lesson the hard way more than once, I wanted to find a solution to taking out money abroad that kept me insured in case of robbery or ATM malfunction (which is quite common). The answer is Visa. Before leaving home, follow these easy steps to a more stress-free money withdrawal process.

First, fully pay off your Visa off. If your limit is $10K, make sure that your Visa account says you have $10K available with no payments in progress. Then, transfer the desired amount onto your Visa, for example, $3K. Your Visa will show a negative symbol, and next to it, it should now say the amount you transferred + the limit. So in this case, it would say $13K. That $3K is your money to withdrawal and use without the worry of interest. Besides a fee from Visa (usually $5 per withdrawal), you can take that money out and it is fully insured. Additionally, Visa will work at almost every ATM, whereas finding machines where you can withdraw money using a debit card if often much more difficult.

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